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We Care: Sustainability & Environment

Our customers leap from the sheets to kick-start their day with a darn good cup of coffee.

But when coffee is a big part of your life, it’s got to be more than just good; it’s got to be great. And great coffee doesn’t happen by accident… Not only is our coffee downright delicious, we’ve made sure it’s good for the community and the environment as well!

Ethical Sourcing

Every high-quality coffee bean is sourced from ethical, sustainable, fair-trade agreements that benefit growers and communities in countries of origin.

Clean Roasting

We’ve invested in the Rolls-Royce of coffee roasters and low-gas afterburners to remove any exhaust air from the roasting process, keeping our precious rainforest air fresh and clean.

Coffee Packaging

Councils Australia-wide, are offering soft plastic recycling services.  Please check directly with your Council for more information.

Swiss Water Decaffeination

This patented, chemical-free process uses just water and heat to remove 99.9% of caffeine from our Decaf beans. No chemicals in sight.

Recycled Coffee Grounds

Our quality coffee grounds are donated to local farms, fertilising new crops, and returning value to nature.

Eco Cups

Serving several hundreds of coffees a day, the cups we use can have a huge environmental impact. We choose wholly biodegradable, plant-based, carbon-neutral cups made from sustainably sourced and rapidly renewable raw materials. The lids are recyclable too!

Local Arts

We lend our walls to local artists to create space we call the ArtPostUki gallery. Every six weeks, a new feature artist will benefit from an opening event and six weeks in the spotlight. This brings the local community together to celebrate local art, whilst giving artists exposure and an opportunity to sell their creations.