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Welcome to our cosy corner of coffee dreams. Where our heavenly blends are being roasted to perfection daily and posted with love from the 1909 heritage-listed Uki Post Office. Treat yourself to your favourite Bastion Lane blend, ground just the way you like.

  • Alt

    From  $15.00 Select options

    Our smooth, vegan-friendly blend.

    Deep, rich and chocolatey, with a smooth acidity that won’t split your favourite milk. Organic and ethically sourced.

  • Decaf

    From  $15.00 Select options

    Our signature roast, minus the caffeine.

    Deep chocolate and hazelnut notes with silky crema, just like our signature Post master’s blend.

  • Half Caf

    From  $15.00 Select options

    Our signature roast.

    The love child of Post Master’s and Decaf, this intensely flavoured limited roast is made for caffeine-sensitive coffee lovers who can never stop at just one cup.

  • Popayán Filter – Private Batch Roast

    From  $15.00 Select options

    Delicate, sweet and refreshing.

    Delightfully special with citrus fruit notes, pineapple flavours and a molasses finish.

  • Post Master’s

    From  $15.00 Select options

    Where it all began. Our signature roast.

    Deep, rich and chocolatey, boasting roasted hazelnut and delicate citrus fruit with a full-body, smooth mouthfeel.