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Welcome to The RoastOffice©

The sweet smell of roasting Arabica beans and fresh forest air. Restored, soulful 1909 hoop pine countertops. A state-of-the-art, damn sexy, hot pink Diedrich roaster. Welcome to the RoastOffice©, where Roast Master Gary creates fresh daily roasts for our 600+ daily cafe customers and oodles of online fans around Australia – and the world!

With a nose for fine coffee and a famously big heart, Roast Master Gary has scoured the earth to find the finest, ethically-grown Arabica coffee beans from high-altitude areas in Columbia, Brazil and Peru. Once they reach us in Uki, they are climate-stored, roasted, packed and distributed right here in the same heritage-listed building. That means supremely fresh and delicious coffee, consistently – inside each and every bag.

If you love our Decaf range, your beans are treated with the Swiss Water decaf process. This patented, environmentally-friendly, chemical-free process uses just water and heat to remove 99.9% of caffeine to deliver a great-tasting coffee with none of the buzz. As we roast, our super-low-gas afterburner treats any residual exhaust air and aroma – so you can rest assured the sweet Uki rainforest air remains as pure as the day we moved in.

The Famous Five

Here at the Bastion Lane Espresso bar, we make over 600 coffees each and every day. Dedicated coffee connoisseurs make the drive from Byron Bay and the Gold Coast to get their daily fix. Try out our famous coffee beans at home, and see what the excitement is all about!


From  $15.00
Our smooth, vegan-friendly blend.

Deep, rich and chocolatey, with a smooth acidity that won’t split your favourite milk. Organic and ethically sourced.

Half Caf

From  $15.00
Our signature roast.

The love child of Post Master’s and Decaf, this intensely flavoured limited roast is made for caffeine-sensitive coffee lovers who can never stop at just one cup.


From  $15.00
Our signature roast, minus the caffeine.

Deep chocolate and hazelnut notes with silky crema, just like our signature Post master’s blend.

Delicate, sweet and refreshing.

Delightfully special with citrus fruit notes, pineapple flavours and a molasses finish.

Post Master’s

From  $15.00
Where it all began. Our signature roast.

Deep, rich and chocolatey, boasting roasted hazelnut and delicate citrus fruit with a full-body, smooth mouthfeel.