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Coffee At Home
with Roast Master Gary

Welcome to our Coffee At Home series with Roast Master Gary. What gets us up in Uki? Waking to the smell of fresh coffee and using Bastion Lane Espresso makes it even better! In this series, we’ll show you how to get the best out of your Coffee at Home with our insider tips.

Coffee at Home Tips 1 - Stove Top


A stove top brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee. It’s similar to espresso coffee as it uses pressure to extract the good stuff enjoyed by espresso or black coffee drinkers.

Coffee at Home Tips 2 - Grind


The right grind is the starting point for making the perfect coffee. Always grind your coffee to your preferred brewing method just before you brew it – the grind must match the method.

Coffee at Home Tips 3 - Espresso


Espresso coffee is made by pressurised water which is forced through ground coffee. Using pressure extracts the good stuff. The quality of the coffee you use is paramount.

Coffee at Home Tips 4 - Plunger


French press or plunger coffee is made by pouring very hot water over ground coffee, waiting a few minutes for the coffee to brew, and then pressing down the plunger handle. It’s a quick, easy way to make great coffee.

Coffee at Home Tips 5 - Filter


Filter or batch brew coffee is made by adding water to ground coffee and extracting the brew via gravity through a cloth, paper or metal filter. It’s light compared to espresso, with a clearer, delicate flavour.

Coffee at Home Tips 6 - Aeropress


Aeropress coffee is made by immersing water in a chamber with the coffee and then pressing down on the plunger into the cup. This gives a full bodied brew from the immersion with quick brewing time and clean crisp flavours from the flow of the coffee. It’s a fast, flexible, filter style coffee.

Coffee at Home Tips 7 - How to Store


Properly stored beans make great coffee. Coffee starts to lose its freshness as soon as it’s roasted. It’s better to buy small amounts of coffee regularly to get the best results than to buy in large quantities. Correctly stored coffee will preserve the flavour of your beans and give you the best brew results.