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Davids Non-Italian Coffee Moment
Dr Spocks Conniption


In 2021 we began a collaboration with artist Hobie Porter who creates a chalkboard each Saturday morning at Bastion Lane Espresso’s headquarters in the 1909 heritage-listed Uki Post Office.  By hand, Hobie provides chalk sketches described as off-the-cuff ramblings, musings, witticisms and other diatribes of impermanent unimportance.

You can view the complete series @chalkboardcorner on Instagram. Cards available to purchase in-store and online offer you a chance to participate in this unfolding project, which, at its heart, addresses the ethos of Bastion Lane Espresso: friendship, laughter and caffeine.

You can catch artist Hobie Porter sipping a latte and piecing together his next board every Saturday morning in the Bastion Lane Espresso Bar.