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Roast Master Gary with chalk board artists at Bastion Lane Espresso
Stairway to Bastion Lane Espresso
I’d like an obscenely long black with extra virgin coconut milk and lashings of cinnamon. Extra hot baby!
Go ahead make your day!!!
Houston we have Bastion Lane Espresso!
Coffee!!! You are the sunshine of my life!
Houston, buzz forgot the coffee!!
Let them drink coffee!


One day in June 2018, local journalist Madeleine Murray noticed one side of the post office blackboard on the footpath was blank. She found some chalk and wrote: “’Best coffee in the world.’ New York Times.”

Roast Master Gary Wall and the espresso bar locals found it amusing, so she went home and made a list of funny coffee quotes inspired by famous lines from films, books or history. One of the first was: “’Bastion Lane Espresso is better than sex.’ Stormy Daniels”

Gary loved that sign.

Madeleine started writing a new sign every couple of weeks. Since she isn’t a sign writer, it was tedious measuring up the lines and spaces for the letters.

Then one day, two talented twelve year old local comic book artists, Tashi Wollumbin and Jacob Bloor, offered to write and illustrate the signs. They wrote “Uki PO coffee leads to dirty dancing,” in freestyle comic book lettering, and illustrated it with a pair of legs with high heels.

Since then, Madeleine, Tashi and Jacob write and illustrate a new sign every couple of weeks. They love working together and we love our blackboard.