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The Bastion Lane Story

A Bastion of the Local Community

Tucked away in the Tweed-Byron Hinterland, the Uki Post Office has been serving the local township since 1909. Finding it in a state of disrepair in 2017, Post Master turned Roast Master Gary Wall had a vision to breathe life back into the building – transforming it into a diverse space that enriched the local community.

Half a million dollars later, the heritage-listed building is now not only a gorgeous reimagined post office (conveniently open seven days!), but an art gallery, cafe, and the beloved espresso bar, Bastion Lane. History buffs can enjoy the original hoop pine timber benches and sanded ironbark floorboards, as well as the iconic facade. Coffee connoisseurs can enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted beans, “the best coffee in over 100 miles” (you said it, not us!) and lots of yummy local produce to take home.

Experience Bastion Lane Espresso

Experience how coffee brings people together

Sitting down for a cup of coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures. From the first sip in the morning to catching up with friends over a steaming hot cup of your favourite brew. It has to be said that life is definitely better with coffee.

If you’re a caffeine lover and have not heard of Bastion Lane Espresso® before, welcome. We are Australia’s first Post-Office-based coffee roastery – which is pretty cool if you ask us.

We roast our coffee beans fresh right where we serve them, here in our lovely little Uki cafe, Bastion Lane Espresso® Bar in our 1909 heritage-listed Uki Post Office. Using the best beans we can get our hands on from the world’s premier growing regions.

So, if like us, you agree that all good hangs should include community and caffeine, join us for your favourite brew at Bastion Lane Espresso, your friendly local Uki cafe.


“Our postman delivers much
more than just letters”

At our 1909 heritage-listed Post Office, we are proud to deliver an inviting experience unique to Uki.

Immerse yourself in the warm vibes of our tight-knit community at our little local Uki cafe, Bastion Lane Espresso® Bar. Sip on a perfectly poured coffee while you catch up with friends or simply watch the world go by. You can even take a little stroll around our wonderful art gallery.

And you can still get your stamps here too.



From Alt and our Post Master’s Signature Roast, to the special release Private Batch Roast; Popayan Filter. To the much-loved single-origin Decaf, our rich coffees with full bodied flavours satisfy our local coffee lovers’ desires on the daily.

“Come make memories with us”

Can’t make the trip? Grab a bag online and recreate that perfect Uki cafe experience at home. We’ll deliver it straight to your door… We’re a Post Office, after all.


From  $15.00
Our smooth, vegan-friendly blend.

Deep, rich and chocolatey, with a smooth acidity that won’t split your favourite milk. Organic and ethically sourced.

Half Caf

From  $15.00
Our signature roast.

The love child of Post Master’s and Decaf, this intensely flavoured limited roast is made for caffeine-sensitive coffee lovers who can never stop at just one cup.


From  $15.00
Our signature roast, minus the caffeine.

Deep chocolate and hazelnut notes with silky crema, just like our signature Post master’s blend.

Delicate, sweet and refreshing.

Delightfully special with citrus fruit notes, pineapple flavours and a molasses finish.

Post Master’s

From  $15.00
Where it all began. Our signature roast.

Deep, rich and chocolatey, boasting roasted hazelnut and delicate citrus fruit with a full-body, smooth mouthfeel.

“Leap from the sheets for the coffee..”

From the minute we fire up our sexy-beast La Marzocco Strada, locals flock to Bastion Lane Espresso® Bar for their morning fix.

While we dazzle with our barista skills, we’re also about knowing your name, patting your dog, shooting the breeze and making sure your cup is exactly how you like it.

Come say hello at our friendly little Uki cafe. We’d really love to see you

“You can buy a cup of coffee anywhere, but you can’t buy an experience”
Tina Wilson OAM, local Uki artist.

Free standard delivery
for orders over $30

Bespoke roasted in the heritage listed Uki Post Office

Swiss Water®,
chemical-free process