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Posting since 1909. Roasting fresh this morning.

Bastion Lane Espresso

Heavenly coffee roasted in the 1909 heritage-listed Uki Post Office.

The Famous Five

Here at the Bastion Lane Espresso bar, we make over 600 coffees each and every day. Dedicated coffee connoisseurs make the drive from Byron Bay and the Gold Coast to get their daily fix. Try out our famous coffee beans at home, and see what the excitement is all about!


From  $15.00
Our smooth, vegan-friendly blend.

Deep, rich and chocolatey, with a smooth acidity that won’t split your favourite milk. Organic and ethically sourced.

Half Caf

From  $15.00
Our signature roast.

The love child of Post Master’s and Decaf, this intensely flavoured limited roast is made for caffeine-sensitive coffee lovers who can never stop at just one cup.


From  $15.00
Our signature roast, minus the caffeine.

Deep chocolate and hazelnut notes with silky crema, just like our signature Post master’s blend.

Delicate, sweet and refreshing.

Delightfully special with citrus fruit notes, pineapple flavours and a molasses finish.

Post Master’s

From  $15.00
Where it all began. Our signature roast.

Deep, rich and chocolatey, boasting roasted hazelnut and delicate citrus fruit with a full-body, smooth mouthfeel.

The Roast Office

Roasting & Posting 7 Days

The ultimate in freshness and consistent quality, our coffee is climate-stored, hand-roasted, packed with care and distributed from the same heritage-listed building here in Uki.

We Care

Feel-Good Coffee

Supremely fresh, flavourful and downright delicious, our coffee delivers all those feel-good vibes you deserve. Plus a deep sense of fulfilment from choosing an ethical, sustainable, big-hearted brand.

Our Coffee Club

Roast Master’s Coffee Club

We love how coffee brings people together; whether it’s the Uki folk chatting in the espresso bar, or it’s you, laughing around the kitchen table with your friends. If you love coffee as much as we do, join the Roast Master’s Coffee Club as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriber and never run dry! Enjoy a simple set-and-forget delivery of your favourite blend, and enjoy tasty discounts – just for drinking delicious coffee!


Here at the Bastion Lane Espresso bar, we make over 600 coffees each and every day. Join in the fun!
The Post Office

Roast & Post

We lovingly restored the 1909 heritage-listed Uki Post Office, to create a space where the local community can come together for unbeatable coffee, great company, local art, and of course – the prettiest little post office you ever did see. For your convenience, we’re roasting – and posting – seven days a week! Stamps, anyone?