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Post Master’s: Our Signature Roast Premium Coffee at Bastion Lane Espresso


Where it all began.
Deep, rich and chocolatey with a smooth mouth finish.

FROM $15
Alt: Ethically sourced organic coffee exclusively for milk alternatives


Alt® is the first of its kind, coffee roasted exclusively for use with milk alternatives.

FROM $15
Popayán Filter - Private Batch Roast - Bastion Lane Espresso



Popayán Filter. Pineapple flavours, molasses finish. Bottlomless attitude; so much more to give.

FROM $15
Decaf a perfect coffee with no caffeine for anytime of day or night


Perfect coffee. No caffeine. It’s removed by the innovative Swiss Water®, chemical-free process.

FROM $15

Shhh … I’m drinking Bastion Lane Espresso

Roast Master Gary roasting coffee at the heritage listed Uki Post Office
Ethically sourced coffee from South America
Freshly brewed coffee extracting from a La Marzocco Strada at Bastion Lane Espresso
Woman drinking coffee at Bastion Lane Espresso
Uki Post Coffee is celestial God

I’d like an obscenely long black with extra virgin coconut milk. Extra hot baby …


Bespoke coffee roasted in the 1909 heritage listed Uki Post Office.

What gets you up? You’d think that in idyllic Uki there’d be plenty to kickstart the day, wouldn’t you. Fresh, rainforest air. Breath-taking vistas of Wollumbin. Majestic clouds scudding across clear, blue skies and the warm vibes from our tight-knit community.

But what Uki actually leaps from the sheets for is coffee. From the minute we fire up our sexy-beast La Marzocco Strada, locals flock to Bastion Lane for their morning fix. We roast it fresh right where we serve it, here in the 1909 heritage-listed Uki Post Office, using the finest beans from the world’s premier growing regions. These include El Salvador, Colombia and Ethiopia and every last bean we choose ends up in our gleaming Diedrich, the Rolls Royce of roasters.

Our on-site espresso bar percolates daily with friendly chat, post office comings-andgoings and the aromas of the best coffee this side of the border ranges, carefully crafted by Gary and his team. And while we can dazzle with our barista skills, we’re more about knowing your name, patting your dog, shooting the breeze and making sure your cup is exactly how you like it. Because folks here get up for us.

If you can’t make the trip to visit us at Bastion Lane, you can always order our quality, freshly-roasted coffee online. Being a post office too, we’re ace at delivery and when your coffee arrives you can imagine you’re having it with us in our unique espresso bar.

We wish you were.

Oh and stamps, anyone?

Espresso coffee at Bastion Lane Espresso
Bastion Lane Espresso Coffee Cups

Watch us roast: book a Roastoffice tour

Coffee roasters in Uki NSW Australia
Bespoke coffee roasters in Australia
Bastion Lane Espresso - A Specialty Coffee Roasters in Australia
Gary roasting coffee at Bastion Lane Espresso’s Uki Post Office


Don’t be fooled; she’s far from girlie.

Renowned as one of the cleanest, most environmentally friendly coffee roasters in the world, we think our hot pink Diedrich is the sexiest piece of purring American engineering ever conceived. Its infrared burners give unsurpassed control over the roasting process, allowing us to control and maximise the distinct flavours found in every bean.

Diedrich technology uses heat exchange to provide clean, hot air for roasting, consuming up to 50% less gas than other roasters by capturing the heat that’s normally wasted. Our baby is solar powered too, making it allround kinder to the environment. And if there’s one thing we care about here in Uki, it’s looking after our stunning natural environs. We’re absolutely committed to doing our part for the planet, helping to keep it clean and green for future generations.

Let them drink Bastion Lane Espresso

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